There is direct access from Chateau Catherine Villa to Cordula/Encourdules 3ha Parc with Romain Ruin...

Cordula Circuit

Difficulty level: Easy hike

Presentation of the hike

Ideal observatory in visual contact with the surrounding entrenched camps, the oppidum of Cordula, a vast refuge of three hectares, was created by the Ligurians, then occupied by the Greeks and Romans before being burned during the barbarian invasions of the fourth century; this camp could shelter a fairly large population at the slightest danger that manifested itself.

It should be noted that recent excavations have made it possible to discover the keystone of the entrance door of the oppidum, which later became a Roman village, with this inscription still legible: "pagus Cantabensis".

This site now called "Hill of Encourdoules" is adorned with a magnificent yeuseraie (forest of holm oaks) allowing some beautiful escapes on Golfe-Juan and the bay of Cannes to the South, the green crown of Vallauris to the West.

We will find along the way many remains of walls with large heavy and voluminous blocks that leave pantois on the construction techniques of two to three millennia ago.


From the center of Vallauris (parking of the town hall), take the Avenue de Grasse to the north to soon go up to the right the old path of Biot (b. 417) which runs along the cemetery (b. 418); we will notice in passing the monumental tomb of the actor Jean Marais decorated with large sculptures.

Lead higher by a staircase on the Departmental Road (RD) 435 which is crossed with caution in front of the Saint-Bernard chapel (b.419); continue in front by a small quiet road that rises in the direction of the Chèvre d'Or (b. 420), then bypass the entire hill of Encourdoules by the left (b. 421, b.422) on the trail (b. 423), until the road. Turn right to the water basin (b.424).

A convenient path under the yeuses leads to the top of the oppidum of Cordula (248 m), a wooded plateau where archaeological excavations take place. Descend directly by a steep path along a fenced property to find a little further down the climb route that we follow to Vallauris.